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Marc Lachièze-Rey

11/04/2012 11:18

Marc Lachièze-Rey

Marc Lachièze

ReGraduate from Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris)
PhD thesis in astrophysics  (université Paris 7, 1980)
Research director at CNRS since 1980 (laboratory Astroparticules et Cosmologie, Paris)

Research fields
Cosmology and Gravitation  (galaxies, Galaxies clusers, dark matter, cosmic microwave background, cosmological models,...)
Space, time, Geometry
Quantum Physics and relativity, quantum gravity
History of cosmology, Philosophy of Physics
Recent books
Initiation à la Cosmologie     (4 ème  édition;   Dunod 2004) 
Au-delà de l'espace et du temps: la nouvelle physique    (éditions Le Pommier 2008)

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Written by 9mk

Of the reality of the world? Or rather of that what we are permitted to know. Precisely, some want to call "reality" the part which can be known.

 It speaks of it in terms of representation. It starts by stating and some philosophers prefer to call this a “postulate” :

- that "physical objects" do exist;

- that "physical processes" do take place;

- that they are subject to laws, and the purpose of physics is to find their best formulations;

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