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Art studies: - Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts, Paris 1973-1977;
- Académie de la Grande Chaumière: - Scuola Lorenzo Di Medici, Studio Frochot, Florence 1978; - Bezalel Art School, Jerusalem 1979.

Scientific studies:  DEA biochemistry (Institut Pasteur, direction: François Jacob 1973-1978 University Pierre & Marie Curie, Paris VI ; Stay in Berkeley, USA, 1974.

Memberships: - ADAGP (Company of the Authors in Graphic Arts and Plastics), Paris: - College Art Association, New York ; - Art & Science Organization, New York .

Many exhibitions, individual and collective, (“Dreaming the Universe” in collaboration with the astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Luminet); among others in Paris, Island of Réunion, Los Angeles, San Francisco; - public orders and pedagogic works.

Visual Artist, specialized in the interface art/science since always, I continue to learn from sciences because in this way I increase my field of perception of the universe and thus my source of inspiration. I followed in my youth a double course in Science (biology) and Art in Paris. Passionate about astrophysics and of cosmology, I am aware to live in a world of interdependence and exchange of information/energy where consequently nothing can be purely objective. It is of course the cognitive and psychological aspect of the Man within this world that I like to evoke in my productions.



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16/02/2012 21:09

Written by Anne-Marie Pochat

Some time ago, Internet brings the news : an « artist » is having grafted on the back of his crane a camera, a camera which is supposed to film every minute of what is going on in his back. And this for a whole year.  The images are being transmitted to a museum and will be seen by the visitors as an “art work”.
If you find this amusing or exciting, please let me know.

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