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Rethinking nuclear energy, Autopsy of an illusion

Author: Hiroaki KOIDE

Golden Nihon Collection

Traductrice: Asuka BLANCHARD

ISBN : 978-99920-68-33-5;  ligal deposit: British Library, U.K.

ISSN : 2305-8455

ePub: ISBN 978-99920-68-34-2; mobiKindle: ISBN 978-99920-68-35-9

book price €18,99

e-book € 14,99 



Author: Hiroaki KOIDE, Nuclear Specialist and Lecturer at the Institute for Research on nuclear reactors at Kyoto University, for over forty years has warned against the dangers of nuclear energy. His voice remained unheard, choked by the established order, until the accident in 2011 at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant in Japan. In the aftermath of the disaster, one of his japanese books 'The Nuclear Lie', published in June 2011, became a bestseller, selling over 200,000 copies. The author was asked to assist and advise the government and his many interventions are all references to the Japanese public. He participated with the former Prime Minister Naoto KAN at a symposium in New York in March 2013 on the medical and ecological consequences of the Fukushima disaster.

"Rethinking nuclear energy, autopsy of a illusion " is both educational and controversial. This book examines the situation in which Japan finds itself four years after the Fukushima disaster: the extent of the radioactive contamination in areas near the plant, but also its inevitable progression; decontamination difficulties, constantly thwarted; the difficult dismantling of the reactor core; the storage of radioactive waste: all these technical challenges unmastered until now, each delving into the unknown. While it is easy to identify those who have the responsibility - members of government or of the Tokyo Electric Power Company TEPCO, the question remains of how to stop their intent to promote nuclear energy, not only on Japanese soil but also abroad. Reversing the lesson learned from Fukushima, they claim to rely on the "knowledge and experience" resulting from the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl. Quite a topic for reflection for citizens and politicians alike tempted to engage their country in the production of nuclear energy; a major theme in the development of a universal consciousness on which the survival of our species depends.

Translation from Japanese into English: Asuka BLANCHARD


The French publication contains two postface:

René de CECCATTY, Romancier, dramaturge, auteur de biographies et d’essais, René de Ceccatty est également traducteur de l'italien et du japonais, en collaboration avec Ryôji Nakamura. Il dirige plusieurs collections aux éditions Gallimard et aux éditions du Seuil (Solo, Réflexion).  

Jean-Jacques DELFOUR, ancien élève de l'Ecole normale supérieure de Saint-Cloud, professeur de philosophie en CPGE à Toulouse, enseignant en culture générale à la faculté de droit de Toulouse, auteur d'articles d'histoire de la philosophie; il est également auteur de : Essai sur la jouissance technologique (Erès, 2011); Petit Abécédaire de haines salvatrices (Klincksieck, 2013) et en particulier : La condition nucléaire. Réflexions sur la situation atomique de l'humanité (Editions L'échappée février 2014)


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